Essentials for Baby’s Hospital Bag

What about your little bundle of joy? What will they require whilst in hospital? This is a difficult one if you’re a first time mum. I remember thinking ‘ how am I suppose to know everything that a baby is going to need, I can barely pack for myself!’

So, what is essential for a baby whilst they are in hospital?

  • Nappies (usually first size)
  • Baby cotton pads (you will not use baby wipes on a newborn baby, cotton pads rather than cotton balls are easier to use with warm water when cleaning your babies bottom).
  • Nappy bags/sacks
  • If you’re not intending to breast feed it may be useful to get some pre-made formula bottles
  • Dummies (just in case)
  • Towel
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby’s first outfit for straight after their birth (this should include a cotton hat and scratch mittens)
  • Two baby outfits (in case a change is necessary)
  • Outfit for baby to travel home in
  • Car seat
  • Baby cotton cloths
  • Fluffy toy (newborn safe)
  • Top and tail bowl (this is how you will clean your baby for the first 12 days)
  • Baby body wash
  • Camera – to capture your baby’s first moments
  • Thank you cards/presents for hospital staff

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