Safe Sleep!

I strongly recommend that every new parent reads the safe sleep information provided by the Lullaby Trust. Safe sleep is something that plays on most parents mind – my baby girl is coming up to 6 months old and I still find myself waking up throughout the night checking that she is ok. I must admit, the Health Visitors and Midwives addressing safe sleep so often made me a little frightened – is SIDS really that common? They answer to that question is ‘no’ providing you follow all the information currently available from the Lullaby Trust.

I would strongly recommend that you don’t by anything baby sleep related until you have familiarised yourself with the current safe sleep guidelines. When I was pregnant and preparing for my arrival I was naive enough to think that everything that was available to buy in the shops relating to infant sleep would be safe – wrong!! Health Visitors and Midwives advise that you don’t use bumpers in your baby’s cot yet, they’re still available to buy. The guidelines state not to put your baby to sleep on a pillow – there’s a massive market of baby pillows out there none of which are advised to be used. Moses baskets with drapes are a big no no too! I rushed out eager to make my baby sleep purchases only to find out at my antenatal class that I had over spent on item that I didn’t need and that may pose a risk to my baby while they were sleeping.

What are the essential items for the first 6 months?

(1) A Moses basket: Don’t over spend on this. As a matter of fact a plain, cheap basket from a supermarket would be sufficient. Look for something with a mattress and very little cushioning around the sides (thick cushioning can cause newborn babies to overheat – overheating has been found to be linked to SIDS). You will need to invest in sheets for the mattress however, I would advice that you don’t buy ‘traditional’ Moses basket bedding – just a simple cellular blanket will do.

I didn’t use my Moses basket as my baby’s main bed – the Moses basket was simply a place to put our baby when they fell asleep downstairs (saved us having to keep carrying their cradle downstairs everyday). Baby’s tend to grow out of their Moses baskets very quickly so my advice would be to arrange an alternative sleeping method for baby’s actual bedtime.

(2) A cradle/cot: Investing in something like a Chicco Next to Me or Lullago for me is the best option.  – Chicco Next to Me – Chicco Lullago

Both the Chicco Next to Me and Lullago double up as a travel cot and will last your baby a lot longer than a Moses basket (in terms of size). The Next to Me has a drop down side which allows the crib to fit under your mattress (the cot basically becomes an extension of your bed) providing you and your baby with a safe co-sleep situation. The Lullago is very similar to the Next to Me, the only differences is that it does not have the drop down size.

(3) Grobag/sleeping bag: A lot safer than using a blanket or duvet that could easily be kicked off. Grobags can usually be used from birth providing you buy the right size.Just make sure you visit the Grobag website in order to find out what tog level you should by (this all depends on the season and bedroom temperature). – Grobags


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