Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy I was confident – when i’d had my baby, I was going to go on a strict diet for 6 weeks and I was going to shed those baby pounds straight away – for sure, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt! Now about 5 months after the birth of my baby I realise that I couldn’t have broken that promise even more if i’d have tried. What a challenge I was faced with though – I feel I was at an unfair disadvantage, following the birth of my baby came Christmas, New Year, the January blues…ok, i’ll stop making excuses now.

In all honesty, my vow to lose weight so quickly after my pregnancy was foolish. My body had just been through the biggest trauma ever and I was planning the day after the delivery on cutting down the calories at a time when I was going to need all the strength that I could get. So, after getting Christmas, New Year and all my other excuses over I’ve now committed (to some extent) to the deed of loosing weight. The program that I am following is the Rosemary Conely diet. Not as popular as your WeightWatchers or Slimming World but I have had major success with it in the past (when losing weight for my wedding), the main reasons why I like it is because it is so straight forward.

As a female, I am following the 1,400 calories a day program – there is a booster program (1,200 calories a day) but I really don’t have the strength/will power for this just yet. So, simple rules:

(1) When selected food make sure that it does not exceed 5 grams of fat per 100 grams.

(2)Breakfast – 200 cals, lunch, 300 cals, dinner, 400 cals. You are allowed 2 high fat treats (no more than 100 cals each) and 2 low fat treats (no more than 50 cals each), 200 cals are reserved for 3/4 pint of milk.

(3) Do some exercise everyday – this could be a workout DVD or simply taking your little one for a walk around the block in their pram.

Obviously, the more you commit to the diet, the more successful it is. I have only partially committed as yet – I cheated and had birthday cake and a few glasses of wine whilst out for my brother’s birthday but, already in the first week I have lost 3lb!

Hoping that I can get some new mums (and dads) looking to lose weight after the birth of their baby on board with my weight loss journey. If you are interested in the Rosemary Conely regime I have posted a link to her diet book below which outlines the diet more specifically whilst also suggesting recipes and food plans for all three daily meals plus the snacks!


For those who seriously want to buy into the program I’ve also attached the link of some additional recipe books that have some excellent very low fat very tasty meals to try (I’ve purchased these books and feel they are the reason why I have been successful with the diet so far. The books offer meal variety which keep the diet interesting. After all, variety is the spice of life!



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