Changing Time!!

Your baby’s changing station is one that definitely needs to be resourced correctly – you don’t want to end up in a messy situation.

In the months before your baby is born I would strongly recommended stocking up on all the changing essentials each time you visit the supermarket to do your weekly shop. Stocking up in this way spreads the cost and means that you wont need to purchase anything in the first few months after the birth of your baby. My little one is four months old and as yet we’ve had to buy very few changing products as a result of all the things we collected before the birth of our baby. Not only is it useful having a hefty supply of changing essentials, it also means that the cost of baby changing is spread which is really useful during those first few months of maternity leave when your income may be tight.

So, what exactly are the changing essentials?

(1) Nappies – obviously these are very important. Some parents opt for re-usable nappies however, most chose to use disposable ones. My main advice here would be don’t over buy on the size 1 nappies, your baby will most likely not be in the size for very long and so over buying can lead to a massive waste of money. Babies tend to spend longer in size 2 nappies however this really does depend on the size of your baby when they are born. My little one was a big baby and so we have found that she has spent most time in size three nappies. My advice to you is, buy in the months leading up to the birth of your baby. Buy only 2 of the small packs of size 1 nappies (see how you go), buy 3 of the large packs of size 2 and 3 large packs of size 3. These are sure to see you through the first few months of your baby’s life.

(2) Large cotton pads (not balls): When your baby is first born you will not use baby wipes to clean your babies bottom. Instead, you will use cotton pads and water. Initially, I invested in quite a few bags of cotton balls – big mistake! In my opinion, these are useless when it comes to cleaning your baby’s first poopy nappies. Lets just say they leave your baby with a fury bottom (cotton wool and water are not always a fantastic combination). Large cotton pads are much better for cleaning up those messy nappies and are great for drying baby’s bottom when you do move on to using baby wipes.

(3) Baby wipes: Eventually, you will move on to using baby wipes. There are many stories of babies reacting negatively to certain baby wipes (parents have suggested that certain brands can cause sensitivity, nappy rash, blistering etc…). I’ve found that the Johnson’s sensitive wipes are fantastic and are kind to my little ones’s bottom. There’s a fantastic offer on Johnson’s baby wipes here – – these will definitely see you through the first few months after your baby arrives.

(4) Changing bag: This really is a personal preference. You’re looking for something that is a decent size with lots of internal compartments. I purchased a pink lining changing bag which has been absolutely fantastic and come complete with changing mat and an insulated pocket for storing a bottle of formula. Check it out here –

(5) Nappy sacks: Supermarkets own brands are absolutely fine. In particular Sainsbury’s own brand is excellent quality and they smell lovely.

(5) Nappy cream: Can you really beat the trusted sudocreme?


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