My name is Katie and i’m a first time mum coping (most days) with the challenges that comes with a newborn baby. Everyday is a new adventure, everyday there are new things to learn and master and everyday i’m thankful that I made it through another 24 hours. I’ve created this blog as a way of supporting new and soon to be new parents – since having may baby there are so many things I now know that I wish I had known throughout my pregnancy. I don’t claim to be an expert but I know that sometimes it can be fearful to ask questions to other parents who seem to be coping so exceptionally well. What if my question is stupid? What if I look like a bad parent if I ask that question? The chances are the questions you have are the questions that other parents have too but still that doesn’t always make verbalising such questions easy. That’s were I hope this blog can help. Hopefully I can answer some of the questions you have without you even having to ask out loud. If not I want you to feel confident with the fact that you can contact me with any of your questions safe in the knowledge that no judgement will be made.